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【明理讲堂2023年第98期】12-18北京航空航天大学罗开平副教授:Flexible Process Planning: A Polyhedral Approach Based on Extended OR-Precedence Poset

报告题目:Flexible Process Planning: A Polyhedral Approach Based on Extended OR-Precedence Poset

报告人:北京航空航天大学 罗开平 副教授/支部书记

时间:2023年12月18日上午 9:00-10:00



罗开平,北京航空航天大学经济管理学院管理科学与工程系副教授,博士生导师。长期从事最优化理论及其在太空任务管理、商务和金融大数据分析等领域的应用研究,先后主持多项国家自然科学基金项目,参与国家自然科学基金重点项目、重大研究计划、部级预研项目等,以独立作者或第一作者在《IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics》、《European Journal of Operational Research》、《Computers & Operations Research》、《International Journal of Production Research》、《系统工程理论与实践》等国内外知名期刊上发表研究成果50余篇。同时,注重科研成果的落地与转化,主持多项企事业单位科技委托项目,申请发明专利和软件著作权近10项。


Flexible Process Planning (FPP) is recognized as the most crucial problem to enable smart/intelligent manufacturing. The existing computer-aided process planning systems have, however, largely relied on meta-heuristic algorithms because of the vast complexity in deriving an optimal solution for the FPP problem. In this paper, we propose to tackle this problem from a distinct perspective, by developing a polyhedral approach based on which nearly optimal solutions can be found in substantially faster time. Specifically, we first cast the FPP problem into two distinct formulations: position assignment and pairwise connection. We then propose a hybrid model to combine the strengths of the two formulations. To improve computational efficiency, we further develop two groups of strong valid inequalities with polynomial cardinality by taking full advantage of the strict partial order of the OR-precedence relation between operations. Our new model with strong valid inequalities yields a significantly tighter linear programming relaxation and a lower computational cost. Our experimental results based on real-world examples indicate that our proposed algorithm designed for the hybrid model performs extraordinarily well in searching for the optimal solution.